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We were not able to find any results for this state. Possible reasons:

1. The keno games for today havent started yet.
   Check whith your state lottery to find out when today's games begin.

2. The results havn't been posted yet.
   Some state's results are not immediately available, Try again later.

3. There is a problem with the website.
   If you belive our site is having a problem, Please let us know. There is a Comment form on our contact page. Please let us know what state you are trying to get results for and what time of day you are experiencing the problem. Thanks.


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How to use this site

Select a state and the number of recent keno games to search, then click 'Get Stats'. Review the stats of recent keno game results to help you make an informed decision on witch numbers to play. Recent keno results are shown is several formats, You can see which numbers are 'Hot' or 'Cold' or view stats on a game sheet layout. YOu can also use kenostat to look up recent keno game results.

KENOStat is FREE for everyone to use. Try it on your web enabled phone next time you play Keno.

Most states have live updates, some are delayed. Delayed lottery results are noted on the results page. Not all state lottery's have Keno. If you don't see your state, try checking back soon. We are working on adding more states.

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